The Exploring It Families Podcast

I am finally sharing some details of my soon-to-be-launched Exploring It Families podcast! It has been an idea and dream of mine to create this podcast for over a year now, and I’m excited it’s almost here. We met so many inspiring people on our travels, especially families, who had made big life changes. We shared fascinating and heartfelt conversations with them about why they’d changed their lives, how they’d done it, and what their thoughts were for the future.

It was sat on the beach, or huddled around a wood burning stove, or in the ground of an old chateau, with those families, that the idea for the podcast was born. I felt there must be families out there who would benefit from hearing these inspiring stories and getting practical advice for how to embark on their own life change.

Why ‘exploring it’ families?

One of the families that we got to know along our travels, and who inspired the podcast, were Liz and Craig (While We Wander). They were a fellow family on the road in their vintage Hymer, travelling around Europe at the same time as we were. We met up a couple of times and shared many conversations with them about what we were doing and why.

Later on, when they had made the decision to stop travelling and settle in Italy, Liz told me “I think if you have a feeling, you have to explore it.” This resonated deeply with me, and the phrase stuck. So here I am, launching the Exploring It Families podcast, because the thing all these families have in common was exactly that – a feeling that they explored. Thanks Liz!

Where to listen

You will be able to find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher ONCE APPROVED.

Podcast episode blog posts

On the blog you’ll now find a dedicated Podcast page, and a Podcast Episodes category. You can also use this blog tag to find them all >> Exploring It Families Podcast.

For every podcast episode I put out, there will be a linked blog post with information about the family I interviewed, photos, topics discussed, and show notes (links to resources etc).

Rate and review the podcast

I really hope you enjoy the podcast, and would greatly appreciate a review and rating on Apple Podcasts if you could make the time. Apparently the ratings and reviews help the podcast get found those who are looking, and it would mean a great deal to me to hear if you found these stories helpful or inspiring.