Worldschooling adventure - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Podcast Episode 2: Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change with Wild Forever Family

Welcome to episode 2 of the Exploring It Families podcast. In this episode I talk with Natalie, whose family are known online as Wild Forever Family. We got to know Natalie and her family during our own life change (thanks again Instagam!) and have since met up a few times in real life. Natalie, her husband Will, and their daughters Ava and Bonnie, stepped away from their 9-5 lives to backpack around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand – but as you’ll hear live rarely turns out as you plan it.

In this post you’ll find all the details discussed in their podcast episode, which you can listen to above (or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcast), plus more photos and information. I hope you’ll give it a listen and please leave a review or rating if you enjoyed it. And share it!

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Family in Indian archway - Exploring It Families podcast

About Wild Forever Family

Natalie and Will sold their house and all their possessions and took their two unschooled daughters Ava and Bonnie on a backpacking adventure around SE Asia. After an unexpected change of direction to their travels, they returned to their hometown in England after only 4 months travelling. Natalie shares openly and honestly the story of why they wanted to change their lives, the challenges of family who disapprove, and the desire to spend more time together as a family.

Natalie and Will are a brave couple who’s “go do it” attitude is inspirational and a must listen for all those hesitating about taking a step closer to their dreams of a different life.

Their life change and what they did

  • Quit their jobs and sold their house, plus almost all their possessions.
  • Spent 8 months living with Natalie’s mum in her 2 bedroom apartment after their house sold quicker than expected.
  • With their daughters they planned a mini family bucket list to take them through SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Researched the most ethical ways to travel and have experiences.
  • Dealt with disapproving family members who thought they were ruining their lives.
  • Set off on their adventure starting in Dubai and India.
  • Made some incredible memories and shared family experiences across SE Asia.
  • Returned to England after 4 months travelling due to a medical concern.
  • Made the hard decision to stop travelling.
  • Bought an old motorhome and renovated it.
  • Used the last of their savings to rent a house in their hometown while Will looked for a job.
  • Currently living in England, with Will working, as they save to take their motorhome on an adventure through Europe.

Photos of their life change and travels

Unschooling family in Thailand - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Will and daughters Ava and Bonnie in Koh Tao, Thailand

Unschooling train adventure in India - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Bonnie and Ava on the train in India

Unschooling family at the Elephant Freedom Project in Sri Lanka - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

The Elephant Freedom Project in Sri Lanka

Backpacking family in Thailand - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Waiting for a bus with their backpacks in Thailand

Worldschooling family at Ayutthaya in Thailand - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Will and Natalie with theirs daughters Bonnie and Ava at Ayutthaya, Thailand

Unschooling family watch gemstones cut in India - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Ava and Bonnie watch gemstones being cut in Jaipur, India

Trishaw ride in Malaysia - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Trishaw ride in Malaysia

Unschooling family with their motorhome - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

Wanda their motorhome that they bought after returning from their travels

Charity t-shirts designed by unschooling family - Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change

The t-shirts inspired by their travels that Ava and Bonnie designed with mum Natalie to raise money for charity

Topics discussed in the podcast

  • Why they made their life change
  • How they made their life change happen – selling their house, saving money
  • What their travel plans were and for how long – SE Asia, Australia, NZ
  • What they hoped to get out of their travels – making family memories, family bucket list, reset, question the lives they felt they’d been told to live/aspire to
  • Selling all their possession and why they did this
  • How family and friends reacted to their plans – how to deal with negative reactions
  • Financing their travels – budget, safety nets
  • Travel insurance and any other things to budget for when backpacking as a family
  • How their daughters reacted to the travel plans and how to meet their needs – emergencies, coping strategies, sensory processing disorder
  • Concerns about uprooting their daughters from their home education friends and groups
  • Unschooling
  • Highlights from their travels – seeing orangutans, catching fireflies, visiting a slum in New Dehli, kindness of people
  • What luggage and items they took in their backpacks
  • How they handled being without a homebase
  • Memorable experiences – cockroaches, huge spiders, a fake Airbnb
  • Travelling ethically – what this means and looks like
  • Why their travels were cut short and they returned to the UK
  • Why they didn’t resume their travels after Will’s operation
  • Buying a motorhome and then settling down in their old hometown – impact of Covid-19 pandemic
  • What their life currently looks like – renting a house, Will working 9-5, the struggles they have, feels of failure
  • What they miss about travelling
  • What they enjoy most about their current lifestyle
  • Lessons learnt from travelling – using their privilege, climate change, plastic problem
  • How their travels have inspired their daughters – creating t-shirts to raise money, XR youth assembly, meeting with their MP
  • Would they do anything differently
  • Dreams for the future – travel Europe in their campervan, housing co-op
  • Advice for families considering a life change

Resources and websites mentioned in the podcast

Find out more about Wild Forever Family

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Photo credit: All photos belong to Natalie of Wild Forever Family. Do not use without permission.