Motorhome at Oberwesel on the Rhine - Germany in a Campervan

In later winter-early spring of 2020, I (Charlie) took a solo trip into Europe with our two daughters. We spent a short time in Germany, so this is where you’ll find all the places we stopped at overnight. If you are interested in reading more about my solo trip, you’ll be able to find all the posts here.

For this trip as a mum on her own with two young children, I was mainly looking for the following type of places to stay overnight:

  • Quiet/peaceful (if not all the time, at night).
  • Near a playground if possible.
  • Great if they had all the facilities I needed (water, grey water drain etc).

You’ll find all the spots listed below and on the map above. I’ve included a picture and any details we felt might be helpful.

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A note on crossing the Rhine in a motorhome

I crossed the Rhine between Engelsburg and Kaub in our motorhome which is about 6/7 metres long. It was a small car ferry and cost about €7. Even if you don’t need to cross the Rhine, it was a great experience, especially with kids – so can highly recommend it, just for the experience! I’ve marked it on the map with a ferry symbol.

Berkastel square - Germany in a Campervan

How I found places to stay

In Germany I predominately used our Camper Stop book and Park4Night to find places to stay. I must say that many towns that I drove through had clear motorhome signs (motorhome image in black on a white sign), even on roundabouts on entering a town. In the bit of Germany I explored, it felt like it could have been quite easy to just drive around and find signs as you went.

For the purpose of this blog post, I used the areas as designated here on WikiVoyage.

Motorhome ferry crossing the Rhine - Germany in a Campervan

Germany in a campervan – where we stayed

Rhenish Hesse

Name: Westhofen Motorhome Stellplatz
Address: Mainzer Str. 10, 67593 Westhofen, Germany (make sure you follow the main street through Westofen, the sat-nav tried to send me along a dirt track!)
Type: Free stellplatz
Notes: Quiet location, next to a vineyard on the edge of the town. Electricity available for €1 for 8 hours.
When we stayed: February

Name: Gau-Algesheim Motorhome Stellplatz
Address: Binger Str. 49, 55435 Gau-Algesheim, Germany
Type: Paid stellplatz
Notes: Quiet location although some noise from the trains. Parking €6 for 24 hours, electricity available for €2 for 24 hours. Free water, waste water drain, toilet drain, good recycling facilities. The girls appreciated a fairly safe space to run about and play.
When we stayed: February

Middle Rhine Valley

Name: Braubach Motorhome Stellplatz
Address: off the B42, on the left as you enter from the south
Type: Paid stellplatz
Notes: Picturesque location right on the river Rhine. Noise from trains and boats. Parking €12 for 24 hours including electricity. Showers available for €1. Machine only takes cash.
When we stayed: February

Moselle Valley

Name: Bernkastel Camperplaats
Address: off Nikolausurfer, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
Type: Free stellplatz
Notes: Nice location right on the river Moselle in a car park. Noise from road, and some boats at night. No facilities that I could find. Sloping site. We really enjoyed exploring this town, it has a lovely old part on the opposite side of the river.
When we stayed: February

Name: Wohnmobile Stellplatz Piesport
Address: Moselestraße 17, 54498 Piesport, Germany
Type: Paid stellplatz (found via Park4Night)
Notes: Nice location right on the river Moselle. Quiet apart from the odd car or bin lorry passing. Cost €8 for 24 hours. Electricity €3. Caretaker comes evening and morning to collect cash payment. All motorhome facilities, water €1 for 80 litres.
When we stayed: February

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