“Going back”

It’s been nearly 2 years since we set off on this journey, which has taken us as far as Slovenia, but both Nick and I have been on a much greater internal journey. Now, it is time for change.

For the past 5 months Nick has been looking for a permanent job – the search took us in a new direction for our family, one where we’ve spent most of that time living apart (Nick has been working a temporary contract in Cheltenham, while myself and our daughters have continued to housesit and travel around in the Baby Bus). It has been a challenging but also rewarding time for us both, one I’d like to share a bit more about in a future blog post.

Last week we found out that a job Nick had been interviewed for, is his. For real now, we are returning to “house life”, the world of 9-5 for Nick, and we are returning to the north west of England – which is where we left. I am both excited and terrified.

I think because we are ‘going back’ to the area of England that we left, it is easy to slip into using negative words and then a similar mindset, that we are somehow ‘going back’.

“When we go back”, we say to each other. And it feels like the last 2 years have not meant anything.

Just another step

When your journey turns out to be so much about change on the inside, to return to a similar life you once left behind, is a bit of a mind f*ck! I think there can be a lot of pressure on those who choose to take these kinds of adventures, to make some radical life change – after all, isn’t what we all wanted? I’m not so sure it is now – or that we even knew what we really wanted or needed when we set off – we just needed to take these journeys.

So I am trying really hard to seeing us “going back” as actually going forward. Onto the next adventure. We are so entirely changed because of this 2 year adventure, in ways that probably only we will know and see and recognise in ourselves and each other. I am trying really hard to stay more excited and less terrified.

And just. Take. The. Next.