No going back - driving the motorhome

No going back

Today marked the first day towards our amazing adventure beginning. This morning at work I handed in my letter of resignation. Three months from now I will leave the job I’ve had for the past 10 years. Usually someone leaves for greener grass elsewhere, but I have genuinely enjoyed my time there. For that reason it was not an easy thing to do.

Looking forward

Now it’s about looking forward. Looking forward to our adventure on the road. To dreaming what we might experience and where we might end up. Wondering what life together as a family fulltime will be like.

No going back. Well, there is always a way back, but by handing in my notice this morning we have kick started the ‘no going back’ map we have laid out for ourselves.

What next?

We now have three months to pack up our life here, which with a four year old and a six month old is proving a challenge. Our plan is to get on the road south to Charlie’s family home for Easter weekend. I need to get the Baby Bus road worthy to make the trip (we’ll be taking a car with us for this leg), and then plan to spend two weeks there working on her. Hopefully with help from Charlie’s dad.

After that, we plan to head down to Devon and spend another couple of weeks with Charlie’s granny, finishing off the build. If all goes to plan, we’ll then set off on a mini tour of friends and family around England in May, finishing with a friends wedding at the beginning of June.

That’s where the plan almost ends. The final part of our plan is to head to the coast (not sure which one!) to get a ferry somewhere, and truly start this journey we’ve been dreaming off for so long.