Exploring It Families Podcast

The Exploring It Families Podcast

Many families feel an urge or longing to change the path their life is on and explore their dreams of an alternative lifestyle.

We did! Inspired by many conversations with families along our journey – both in real life and online – I have created the Exploring It Families podcast to share some of those stories.

We’ll talk about what pushed them to make the change, how they did it, what they did, and all the things they’ve learnt along the way.

If you and your family are dreaming of a life change and need to hear inspiring and uplifting stories plus practical advice, the Exploring It Families podcast is for you.

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Episodes & Shownotes

Ep 1: Fulltime Van Family Exploring Europe with Rainbows on the Road

Ep 2: Family Backpacking Adventure Life Change with Wild Forever Family